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Copyrights of all the material displayed in this site belongs to the artists whose artwork is displayed on pictures, to the people who have taken the photographs, to the people who have digitised the photographs, to the people who have written the texts, to the people who have made the layout and the design of the websites, to the people who have made the programming of the website and to the Rauma Art Museum.

Licence of the material

Copying, printing, saving and any kind of reproduction or publishing of all the material in this site to private or public use without permission of the Rauma Art Museum is denied.

Violation of the copyrights mentioned above may lead to legal acts and punishments.

Kuvasto ry:

According to the copyright law, him or her, who has created a written or artistic work has copyrights to that work. Protected works among other things are photographic works or other visual artworks, works of architectural art, art handcraft or industrial art, a map, explanatory drawing, graphical or plastic work, computer program or other work. Copyright law also regulates protection of a photograph.

More about the copyrights of the visual industry in the website of Kuvasto ry (in finnish)

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museum secretary Pauliina Monto-Kokkonen

Content of the website:
director Janne Koski

curator Henna Paunu

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Tommi Laiho

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