Art Hauenguano

Art Hauenguano is a group consisting of 11 different factions. It organizes events, gives out information and is distributing a map of Old Rauma in which all the members of the group introduce themselves. Map was drawn by artist Sinikka Palonen. The map can be obtained from any of the members of Art Hauenguano.

At the end of year 2001 Art Hauenguano received a culture award from the city of Rauma for advancing cooperation between artists and art forms in Rauma.

Hauenguano antique - Antique and art
Tullin Kaffe Coffee - food and and baked goods
Rauman Taidegraafikot ry - Workshop and exhibition
Form Art Pirkko Lehtinen - Workshop/shop of a fabric artist
Maija Kantanen - Ceramic sculptures
Ceramics art Kirsi Backman - Ceramic sculptures
Keramos ry - Ceramics exhibition
Ceramics exhibition Seija Palonen - Sculptures and containers
Matin sininen kamari Sinikka Palonen - Paintings
Workshop, Gallery Elina - Mirja Luukko: Glass paintings ja grafiikkaa, Ulla Stenback: Grafiikkaa, Aulikki Miettinen: pictures
Rauma Art Museum - Exhibitions

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