History of the museum

The History of the Museum

Rauma Art Society was founded in 1962 to promote art in Rauma. In the year 1969 artist Alpo Sarava made a suggestion about founding a museum to Rauma.

In order to accomplish this goal, the Rauma Art Museum Foundation was formed. The site of Pinnala was given to the Foundation and it was decided that it would be restored and repaired so that the museum could be situated there.

The museum was opened in 1970. The next year an arrangement was made with the Ateneum Art Museum and Rauma Art Museum received 18 finnish paintings from the 19th century. In the year 1974 Rauma Art Museum was accepted as a member to the Finnish Museums Association.

Artist Alpo Sarava worked as the intendant during years 1969-1981. His work was continued by Juhani Mylläri during 1981-1985. Janne Koski has been the intendant from the year 1986.

A brochure from the 70's.
The logo, two opposite letter r's, was designed by the museum's first intendant, artist Alpo Sarava.

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