Exhibition of contemporary art for children and young people

Rauma Art Museum 15.1. - 17.4.2011
Press conference 14.1. at 11 a.m.
Opening 14.1. at 6 p.m.

Rauma Art Museum produces annually exhibitions of contemporary art for children and young people. Middle of Nowhere continues this series. The works in these exhibition are not specially made for children, but the compilation of works and the integrated interactive and storytelling guided tour is put together regarding children of various ages. A guide will accompany all the visiting groups and introduce the works to the audience. The aim of these exhibitions is to increase children's awareness of the museum and contemporary art and make these tempting for them, to get children to discuss about and to take part in the world of art.

Rauma Art Museum has produced exhibitions of contemporary art for children since year 2002. The exhibitions from 2002 to 2006 were a series with a theme about senses, sense of smell, hearing, feeling, seeing and tasting. The 2007 exhibition was I would like to be a dog and year 2008 Really Neat with a theme about cleaning, hygiene and environmental issues. In 2009 the exhibition got an unusually large audience when Stray Trek, promoted by FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, was seen in the Felleshus, the house of Nordic Embassies in Berlin, where annual exhibitions presenting Finnish culture take place. In 2010 the theme was home. More than 4000 visitors saw the My Home is My Castle exhibition and there were about 200 guided tours.

The theme of the Middle of Nowhere exhibition in 2011 is emptiness, eternity, wilderness, forests and death. Middle of nowhere means usually a place far away, with nothing special there or a place with no signs of human civilization and culture. These places have however a special significance and magic of it's own. In the middle of nowhere many substances can be found. In the exhibition you can stroll deep in the forest, watch the life of a desert island, observe slow changing of the landscape, consider the infinity or explore images about death.

The artists of the exhibition are: Krister Gråhn, Marikki Hakola, Minna Havukainen, IC-98, Jussi Kivi, Mizuho Matsunaga, Pasi Mälkiä, Paavo Paunu, Outi Pieski, Hanna Rautio, Timo Wright

Further information: Henna Paunu, curator, henna.paunu@raumantaidemuseo.fi, +358 440 224155

Workshop: Looking for Sampo

In the Finnish mythology Kalevala, the Sampo was a magical artifact of indeterminate type constructed by blacksmith Ilmarinen that brought good fortune to its holder. According to the story Sampo was smashed and lost into the sea. What and where is Sampo? Everyone can have their own Sampo and it can make miracles happen - not only for it's holder but also for other people. We make our own Sampo with cake lace, water colour and crayons. After the workshop, the laminated works will be hung in the museum courtyard and illuminated to form a light installation.

Time: Week 4
Tue 25.1 Group 1 at 9-11 a.m.
Wed 26.1. Group 2 at 9-11 a.m.
to 27.1. Group 3 at 9-11 a.m.
Workshop Languages: Finnish and English, (German)
Participants: 7-11 years
Group size: max 24
Participant Fee: 2 e
Leader: Mizuho Matsunaga

Movie night: Jade Warrior

Before the ultimate fight between good and evil, he should not fall in love. Thursday 27.1. at 5 p.m., Rauma Art Museum

Director Antti-Jussi Annila's Jade Warrior combines the Finnish and Chinese mythologies into one film. Jade Warrior is a homage to Kung Fu genre strongly spiced with a truly original approach to Finnish national epic Kalevala. Duration: 104 min. (Not for children under 11 years) Free entrance.

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