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Rauma Biennale Balticum 2008 Flower Power
Rauma Art Museum 14 June - 21 September 2008



Rauma Biennale Balticum 2008 continues the biennial's displays of topical art from countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. This year's theme is Flower Power, presenting the symbolism and meanings of plants, and flowers in particular, in contemporary art. The exhibition explores the various paths to which the ideas of flower power of the 1960s have led and what might come from combining the concepts of flower and power. Flower Power can also be regarded as the life-maintaining force of plants and as a symbol of "soft" or alternative values related to fundamental courses of development for a better life. In art and politics, the idea of flowers in power has often represented otherness, the opposite of prevailing trends. The artists of the exhibition have interpreted the exhibition theme in their own individual ways. The biennial presents social, political, economic, emotional, psychedelic and decorative perspectives on flowers and power.

The exhibition will also expand into the urban space outside the museum. The courtyard of the art museum will be the site of a traditional hencoop with an enclosure, perches and places to lay eggs. Designed by Jukka Lehtinen and Marko Suomi, this work features over-aged hens no longer in intensified egg production now enjoying their retirement in Old Rauma. Hauenguano Square in front of the art museum will be filled with the flowers of Immigrant Garden by Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger. This work is continued in the courtyard of the museum and in flowerbeds in various locations in the city. Inside and outside the Main Library of Rauma will be gilt folios partly moved by the wind, a work by Teija-Tuulia Ahola. In Orell Park at the end of Kuninkaankatu street the public can see Matomi's Home by Teuri Haarla. During Lace Week 19 -27 July in Rauma Frida Berntsson will make a work of embroidery on scaffolding in the city centre of the north end of the building at Nortamonkatu 16.

Blossoming After Party is held at 13 June, 9 p.m. - 4 a.m. at the Kalliohovi restaurant (Kalliokatu 25, tickets € 6) with the Swedish band Kallionia in fantasy attire playing electronic music of fast tempo in a Japanese spirit, and the energetic Pep-See "80s-glitter-disco" band from St Petersburg with its astounding stage show.

At Black Lace Night 25 July there will be special programme at Pinnala Garden, Rauma Art Museum (poetry, music, buto saw-blade playing, throat singing, elocution). Also following additional programme in Rauma Blue Sea Film Festival will be shown: Ritva Kovalainen and Sanni Seppo, "Sateenkaaren pää" (The End of the Rainbow, 2007, 16 min), a short film about forest and how they are lost along with a presentation on the background of the film and the loss of wooded habitats.


Teija-Tuulia Ahola (FI) Maija Albrecht (FI) Lise Blomberg Andersen (DK) Dogan Dogan (DE) Hadassah Emmerich (DE/NL) Alya Esipovich (RU) Unni Gjertsen (NO) Tue Greenfort (DK) Teuri Haarla (FI) Kalle Hamm & Dzamil Kamanger (FI/IR) Minna Hint (EE) Ieva Iltnere (LV) Auste Jurgelionyte (LT) Matti Kallioinen (SE) Boris Kazakov (RU) Jukka Lehtinen & Marko Suomi (FI) Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE) Malgorzata Markiewicz (PL) Lutz Mommartz (DE) Björn O.Olsson (SE) Satu-Minna Suorajärvi (FI) Aija Zarina (LV) Jasper Zoova (EE) etc.

Design Extras: Coffee Bar/Tom Gustafsson (FI) Graphics/Sanna Paananen (FI) Play Time/Krista Leesi (EE) and special programme during opening evening (Kallionia/SE,Pep-See/RU) traditional Rauma Lace Week (Frida Berntsson, Mimi and the Dancing Bear etc.) and Blue Sea Film Festival

Since 1985 Rauma Biennale Balticum, arranged by the Rauma Art Museum, has presented every second year an overview of topical contemporary art of the Baltic Sea region. The series of showings began in 1977, when the first Gulf of Bothnia Biennial was held at Rauma, assembling artists from the coastal towns and cities of Finland and Sweden. In 1985, the exhibition was expanded to cover the whole Baltic Sea region and was renamed Rauma Biennale Balticum. Since 2000 the biennial has been part of the Ars Baltica network promoting cultural cooperation among the Baltic Sea countries. The official patron of the Rauma Biennale Balticum 2008 is Mr Stefan Wallin, Finland's Minister of Culture.

Rauma Biennale Balticum 2008 curators: Janne Koski and Henna Paunu

Open: Mon.-Thu. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Fri. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sat. - Sun. 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., and groups by appointment.

Tickets: Adults € 5, students and pensioners € 3, combined entrance to the Lönnström Art Museum € 8, groups (minimum 10 persons) € 3/person, visitors under 18 free of charge.

Guided tours for the public on Wednesdays 2. July, 9 July, 16 July, 23 July and 30 July at 3 p.m.

Further information: Tel. 02-8224346 or info@raumantaidemuseo.fi


Länsi-Suomen Osuuspankki
Nordic Culture Point
Rauman kaupungin Wihertoimi / Parks and Forests Department of The Rauma Town
Satakunnan taidetoimikunta / The Arts Council of Satakunta
Suomalais-ruotsalainen kulttuurirahasto / The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation
Suomalais-norjalainen kulttuurirahasto / The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation

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