Teija-Tuulia Ahola lives and works in Tampere.

Ahola graduated from the Kankaanpää School of Art in 1988, working since then as a visual artist. She has held many solo exhibitions, most recently at the Helmsdale Museum & Art Gallery in the United Kingdom, Mältinranta Art Centre in Tampere, Galleria G in Helsinki, and Galleria Napa in Rovaniemi.

Her most recent joint exhibitions include: Forêt Nomade at the Science and Technology Museum, in Ottawa, Canada in 2008; the selection of Madrid Abierto for the PHOtoEspana Festival in 2006; Graphica Creativa at the Jyväskylä Art Museum in 2005 and Mänttä Art Festival 2003.

Though Teija-Tuulia Ahola majored in painting in her art studies, she also worked extensively with silkscreen printing. Employing this technique she has realised large scale public environmental art works, such as ‘Rose Window’, a project of the Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art for Tampere Railway Station in 1998–1999 and ‘Rosa’s Window’, a work for the Pekilo exhibition venue at the Mänttä Art Festival.

Permanent commissioned works include; ‘Two Trees’, ceramic silkscreen on glass for the church hall of the Kilo Congregation in Espoo, ‘Opening’, covering two façades of the Sampola Library in Tampere, and ‘Only One’ for the building of the Evangelical-Lutheran Congregations of Tampere in 2007, a work which combined painting with projected video.

In the 2000’s Ahola has employed gilding in her spatial and environmental works. These include Pulse (2003) for Tampere Art Museum, Strata (2004) at the Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art and Skerray, Scotland in 2005.

In 2008 Ahola is participating in Rauma Biennale Balticum, the Purnu summer exhibition and the Artists 2008 exhibition at the Kuntsi Art Museum.