Born in Leningrad 1964
Lives and works in Saint Petersburg

Selected exhibitions
1990 1 Petersburg Biennale
1993 "Photography", Gallery "Borey", Saint Petersburg
1994 3 Petersburg Biennale Modern art
1994 Russian-german project "Do not be afraid the Tram", Saint Petersburg
1994 The Personal exhibition in club "Subway", Saint Petersburg
1995 "Raft of Art", Saint Petersburg, Ozerki
1997 "Rafts-2", Saint Petersburg, Ozerki
1998 Exhibition of artists of creative association "Ozerki", Saint Petersburg
2000 exhibition from collection of gallery "Rural Life", gallery "Mitki-Vhutemas", Saint Petersburg
2000 artistic project "Cinema in three windows" (within the framework of festival "Unofficial Capital"), gallery "Rural Life", Saint Petersburg

Film Festivals
1996 festival "Vivat, cinema of Russia"
1998 The International film festival of animation and documentary films in Oberhausen, Germany. The Diploma of film critics.
1999 Berlinale
1999 Film Festival "Kinoshok", Anapa, Russia. Grand Prix.
1999 International film festival in Jerusalem, Israel
1999 The Festival documentary, baby and animation films in Leipzig, Germany
2000 International film festivals in Tampere (Finland), Rotterdam (Holland), Stuttgart (Germany)
2003 "Message to man", Saint Peterburg
2004 "Multividenie" Saint Petersburg etc…

1999, feature film. 35??, b/w, 8 minutes, producer - Boris Kazakov, Stage manager - Boris Kazakov, 1999.
The Participation in festivals: "Berlinale" (Berlin), "Kinoshok" (Anapa), Leipzig, Jerusalem.
Prizes: Russia, 1999, "Kinoshok", Grand Prix

"Nestlings of sea"
1996, 35 mms, b/w, 6 minutes, producer - Boris Kazakov, Stage manager - Boris Kazakov. Participation in festivals: Oberhauzen, Tampere, Stuttgart. Prizes: diploma of Jury, Oberhausen, 1998.

"Eye" 2001, 35 mms, colour, 5 minutes, producer - Boris Kazakov Stage manager - Boris Kazakov.

"Petrograz" 2003, colour, 3,5 minutes, produser - Boris Kazakov.

"A Dog" 2003, colour, 5 minutes, producer - Boris Kazakov, Andrei Moiseenkov.

"News" 2003, colour, 10 minutes, producer - Boris Kazakov

"Stone garden" 2004, colour, 5 minutes, B. Kazakov.

"Alfavit" 2004, colour, 5 minutes, B. Kazakov.

"Dragonflyers" 2007, Colour, 5 minutes, B. Kazakov.