Bátai Sándor

short CV

Born in 1955 in Veszprém, the Northern side of Lake Balaton. His professional studium was the Balázs János Fine Art Freeschool in Kaposvár between 1977-1982. He studied at the painters Gero Kázmér and Ruisz György. A definitive period of his walk of life were the years spent at Csiky Gergyely Theatre in Kaposvár being applied as a set-painter.
His point of view and general humanic attitude was basicly changed and influenced by contemporary Hungarian avantgarde artists like Erdélyi Miklós, Donáth Péter, Pauer Gyula. During the 1980s he was dealing mainly with graphics and painting. In the early Nineties he prepared installations, beside both other general activities. His different paperworks he prepared from 1995. The works to be presented in Finland now are selected from the periode 1995-2005. In 2003 a monography was published about his artwork in Hungarian, written by the art historian Ms Szeifert Judit.

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