From Under The Water To Top Of The Tree
Rauma Art Museum, Finland

About Immo Tuominen and his art.

The inspiration of Immo Tuominen's art was the archipelago of Rauma. His works are not traditional portraits, they are based on an abstract way of thinking and seeing the painting as a surface. Thus the painting is not bound by the limitations of portraying only time and space. The painting can include all the seasons and night and day, the eye can travel from the sea to the moors, from under the water to top of the tree. The paintings are a collage of innumerable details - the horizon, sea, sunlight, beach cliffs, vegetation.

Tuominen is known as an expressive colourist who painted his live vivid colours with strong brush strokes. The colour spreads to the canvas dripping, flowing, in streaks, in thick masses and in subtle thin layers. Tuominen used strong contrasts and the composition is based on horizontal and vertical lines that create the form of the painting. In his art realism is surrealistic: the horizon is vertical and one can find a church gate in the middle of the archipelago. Together shapes, colours and composition create a surface that is energetic and dynamic but at the same time very well balanced. Tuominen's paintings are not what they first seem. Interpretation is based solely on one's imagination.

Immo Tuominen started his career in the beginning of 1960 when informalism was the ruling element in Finnish art. He continued to use abstract expressions during the 70's when realism was dominant. As the neoexpressionism was gaining popularity in the 1980's. Tuominen's art finally got the attention it deserved. Immo Tuominen is one of the most important artist in Satakunta and his works are noted nation-wide. Local scenery and the flows of modern art meet in his works.

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