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Photo: Kosti Koskinen, a Self-portrait of the Artist, 1948.

Kosti Koskinen – Comments on the Diary of a Common Man

February 20, 2021 – to be informed later

Henna Paunu and Heta Kaisto, curation

In September 1973, Kosti Koskinen (1905–1983), an artist from Rauma, decided to start keeping a diary. He states that the reason for this was simply wanting to pay attention to what he was thinking. A year earlier he had moved away from his rental apartment located in Kuninkaankatu 37, where an art museum had just been opened up. The artist was missing his old home tremendously.

In his first entry, Kosti Koskinen quotes the words of the poet Novalis: It is certain that my belief will reach an indefinite victory the moment someone else believes in it.

This wish presented by the artist acts as the focal point around which this unique exhibition is built, revolving around the diary that was written during 10 months in 1973 and 1974. This diary offers insights into the cultural history of the city of Rauma, ponders on the eternal issues of humanity and goes through the hardships, illnesses and defeats of a humane life. The entries tell of a widely learned and deeply empathic artist who was decades ahead of his time in reflecting on the actions of man in relation to animals and the environment.

“Comments on the Diary of a Common Man” brings together experts and artists from different fields to comment on the artistic conviction, life and work of Kosti Koskinen. The exhibition offers insights on marginal history, on the everyday realism and the zeitgeist of the life of an artist, as well as on the production of Kosti Koskinen, who was talented in many different fields of art. The exhibition is executed as part of the Ars Rauma series by Rauma Art Society. At the same time it is the jubilee exhibition of the 50-year-old Rauma Art Museum.