Paola Suhonen, Lace on Skin (2021)
Paola Suhonen, Lace on Skin (2021)

Iholla – Lace on Skin

International Lace Exhibion
At Rauma Art Museum, 12th June – 26th September 2021

Lace on Skin is curated by Paola Suhonen in collaboration with the Rauma Museum and Rauma Art Museum exhibition team. Exhibition touches and makes lace tangible. It shows lace in a new light and brings it to a new age.

Paola Suhonen is known for her design, including fashion, and for being the designer and director of Ivana Helsinki. She is also known as an artist, musician, entrepreneur, film director and for organising the Superwood festival. Suhonen has extensive experience on design, art, and the film industry. In the exhibition, she will be featured also as an artist. Apart from lace work, the eponymous Lace on Skin piece will be displayed at the exhibition, in addition to photographs and installation art. Lace on Skin video has been inspired by and is in a dialogue with the photographic work of Susanna Majuri, who has passed away in 2020. The photo artist’s image depicts an outfit designed by Suhonen.

The past and the present come together as the museum and art museum of Rauma join forces this year. The visitor will come into intimate contact with lace through fashion design and art. In addition to Suhonen, e.g. Sasu Kauppi, Noora Vihervirta, local lace societies and lace creations familiar from Independence Day Reception will bring new perspectives on lace.

The globally renowned fashion designer Sasu Kauppi will showcase lace in a new context at the exhibition. According to Kauppi, the lace inspired print of his works designed for the exhibition incorporates streetwear and athletic unisex outfits. Originally from Rauma, Noora Vihervirta is about to finish her Bachelor studies in the Aalto University, her major being fashion design. In her thesis, she studied dressing gowns from the 1940s and the organicness of oyster mushrooms. Her design integrates both bobbin lace and knitted fabric.

Laura Hynninen, Henkien saari (Island of the Spirits) (2021)
Laura Hynninen, Henkien saari (Island of the Spirits) (2021)

Unia vai kaikuja Dreams or Echoes

Laura Hynninen
At Rauma Art Museum’s Old Bakery, 2nd July – 8th August 2021

Unia vai kaikuja (Dreams or Echoes) depicts nocturnal experiences: dreams, insomnia, anxiety, inspiration. At night-time, worries seem insurmountable, secrets of the past cast shadows and the line between dreaming and wakefulness becomes blurred. Ideas and inspiration may also burst forth unchecked, restlessness urging one to move.

Hynninen’s exhibition is about nocturnal landscapes and wandering in an internal forest. Oil paint and mixed media are used on a plexiglass to maximise the effect of layering. Laura Hynninen is also one of the artists of Rauma Festivo 2021.

Ulla-Maija Alanen, Metsän peili (The Mirror of the Forest) (2021)
Ulla-Maija Alanen, Metsän peili (The Mirror of the Forest) (2021)

Veden taju: Järven hiljaisuus
Sensing Water: Silence of the Lake

Ulla-Maija Alanen
Soundscape: Maija Ruuskanen
At Rauma Art Museum Storehouse, 12th June – 8th August 2021

Veden taju (Sensing Water) is a journey, streaming like water from one exhibition place to another – like river delta outlets converging on their way to the sea. Järven hiljaisuus (Silence of the Lake) exhibition at the Rauma Art Museum is a part of this project. For over ten years, Ulla-Maija Alanen has both deepened and expanded consistently on her long-standing work among water and aquatic plants. After examining the world of water all the way from scenic perspective to macro photography, the artist has dived even deeper and has started to take images with a microscope, as well.

The water is shimmering with a light of its own, created by the diffused light of the water molecules. The mass of water and its light, the soundscape muted by water, and the steady pressure of water on the body create an interior space, where the sensory experience is quite unlike that in the atmosphere. Underwater, neither light nor sound has a source. It is this water-space wherein Alanen works – her only tools the camera, snorkel and mask.

While travelling around and taking photographs, Alanen can move in the water for hours, pausing to take photographs when she encounters something of interest. Her artwork is somewhere in between the traditions of documentary photography and plant portraiture. Alanen does not stage anything, and since the underwater world is in a constant state of flux, learning to be both quick and patient is essential.

Water is a material that unifies all beneath the surface. The ‘self’ becomes a part of this – after all, we are but a current, our skin the only barrier between us and the water. Alanen says that while photographing the aquatic plants, she identifies with them and feels as if she is merging with their sensuous form. The languorous and fluid movements of the plants succumb themselves to the waves and underwater currents. The calm allure of the underwater world provides a sense of peace, where one can forget about time and become a part of the world of water and the great unity,

For a long time now, Alanen has been observing the different underwater growth stages of water lilies – how they reach for the light and a chance to bloom from the dark, muddy bottom. The Silence of the Lake exhibition is focusing on a single water lily. In the exhibition, we will see its noble elevation: forest lake, the water lily’s home, and microscope image of the lily’s core and cross section of its stalk with jewel-like cells.

Rose-Mari Torpo, Azure
Rose-Mari Torpo, Azure


Rose-Mari Torpo
Showcase Exhibition at the Rauma Art Museum, 23rd February – 11th July 2021

Local art will be displayed at the Rauma Art Museum’s Showcase Exhibition as part of the 50th anniversary programme. Azure installation created by the Rauma-born painter Rose-Mari Torpo will be on display at the museum until 11th July. Torpo’s installation is a mix of different paints – ink, acrylic paint and spray paint used on fabric, paper and polyester. The pieces are connected by their relationship with the blue and feel of the material.

The visual artist Rose-Mari Torpo was born in Rauma in 1977, and is now living in Helsinki, her main media being painting. In addition to paintings, she has also created colour installations. Torpo’s work with the paint is process-based, and is guided by colour, space and experimentation. A feeling of searching and following the intuition are an integral part of Torpo’s painting process. In her works, different materials and colours are in a dialogue, guiding her work. She is interested in the relations between objects, the interaction between materials and colour and the spectator’s position as the experiencer of art pieces.

Rose-Mari Torpo has participated in multiple joint exhibitions both abroad and in Finland after graduating from the Free Art School as a painter in 2003. She has had private exhibitions in e.g. at the Rauma Art Museum, Galleria Å in Turku and Galleria Huuto in Helsinki. In 2016, she added to her studies with a Bachelor of Culture and Arts (major in Visual Art) in the Turku Arts Academy. Rose-Mari Torpo is a member of the Finnish Painters’ Union, Helsinki Artists’ Association and Rauma Art Society.

Kosti Koskinen, Varhainen aamu (Early Morning) (1969)
Kosti Koskinen, Varhainen aamu (Early Morning) (1969)

Kosti Koskinen – The Diary of a Man in the Street

At Old Town Hall (Kauppakatu 13), 1st June – 19th September 2021.

The visual artist Kosti Koskinen, who is well known and dear to the residents of Rauma, was the first modernist of his hometown. He devoted his entire life to art, dreaming of world’s metropolises, but lived almost his entire life in Rauma. A multidisciplinary talent, who studied both visual arts and music, and also wrote fiction. Nevertheless, he published only one work in his lifetime, the horror anthology The Strange Honeymoon (WSOY, 1930).

Koskinen spent his last years in the municipal home of the city of Rauma. He took with him there thirteen boxes of papers, a few paintings and some clothes. This archive ended up to the Artist’ Association of Rauma, and is now stored in the Rauma Art Museum.

The exhibition is based on Kosti Koskinen’s artistic work, visual art and writings, as well as his personal archive. It presents the man behind his work, with all of the joys and sorrows, as well as a multi-skilled, immensely prolific and tireless artist, who never gave up. The young artists Taavi Heikkilä, Ilona Niemi, Aleksi Systä and Jenni Yppärilä, who were invited to the exhibition, are in dialogue with Koskinen’s work. The text found in the archives, Kadunmiehen Päiväkirja, is interpreted by artists, art influencers and actors from Rauma. The title of the exhibition is a quote from the title of this work.

In connection with the exhibition the second edition of The Strange Honeymoon short story collection will also be published. Responsible for this is the publishing house Helmivyö, that introduces forgotten classics of Finnish literature to the public. The preface to the book is written by the non-fiction writer Juri Nummelin.

The exhibition is the 50th anniversary exhibition of the Rauma Art Museum and the Ars Rauma exhibition of The Artist’ Association of Rauma. Its curators are Heta Kaisto and Henna Paunu.

The exhibition at Old Town Hall of Rauma Museum continues exhibition that was on display in spring 2021 at Rauma Art Museum.