Fish and Fowl!

10.6. – 29.10.2023

At the upcoming summer exhibition “Fish and Fowl!” Rauma Art Museum will be inspired by the primal power of self-taught art. The exhibition will highlight national and international classics of contemporary folk art and new promises in the field. The exhibition also has a dialogue with contemporary art. One of the artists in the exhibition is Erkki Pirtola (1950–2016), whose solo exhibition was on display at the Rauma Art Museum in 1991. Pirtola was a passionate advocate of alternative art and a documenter of ITE art.

The summer 2023 group exhibition celebrates curiosity, rebelliousness, sensitivity, joy and vulnerability, and reflects on socially sustainable development in the art world. The curators of the exhibition are Helka Ketonen, Raija Kallioinen, Elina Vuorimies and Heta Kaisto. In addition to the main exhibition spaces of the Rauma Art Museum, the courtyard, the courtyard buildings and the workshop are in use, and the exhibition also takes place around the city.