Mirja Luukko: in memoriam 25.11.2023 – 21.1.2024

Memorial exhibition of Rauma visual artist and visual arts teacher Mirja Luukko (1934-2021). The exhibition showcases a selection of the collections of the Rauma Art Museum, which are supplemented with private loans. The exhibition is curated by the museum curator Taina Myllyharju.

Mirja Luukko: On a festive day (aquatint, 1980)
Rauma city collection

Noora Ylipieti: Vulnerability / Altistuneet 18.11.2023–14.4.2024

Visual artist Noora Ylipieti’s (b. 1981, Siuntio, Finland) exhibition and installation Vulnerability / Altistuneet depicts the fragility and sensitivity of human life with a thousand gently humorous vampire drawings and paintings. Ylipieti has been working on the vampire character since 2020. The ten vampire paintings first became a hundred and then a thousand, when the artist added one more zero after her series. In the thinking behind the series of a thousand pictures, one can find connections with both pop art and the manifestations of the avant-garde in fine art and poetry. The exhibition built for Rauma Art Museum examines the construction of identity during adolescence and its intense emotions, experiences of being an outsider and the changing relationship with family and growing environment.

Noora Ylipieti: from the series Rauma-collection (acrylic on canvas, 2023)
Photo: Aleksandra Harju

Liza Grobler: An Aloe Swallowed my Drone 5.4.2024 – 12.5.2024

A site-specific, immersive installation by the South African visual artist Liza Grobler (b. 1974) will be built in the Verstas space of the art museum in the spring 2024. Grobler, who lives and works in Cape Town, is familiar to the people of Rauma since 2002 and 2007, when she was a guest in the artist residency program. Now, visiting for the third time in Rauma, Liza Grobler’s visit will include also workshops. The exhibition is realized in cooperation with the RaumArs residency.

Jarmo Mäkilä: Poika / Boy 8.6. – 22.9.2024

Rauma-born visual artist Jarmo Mäkilä (b. 1952) returns to his childhood memories in his first solo exhibition at the Rauma Art Museum. Strong memories in the suburbs of Rauma, boys’ games and many memorable events in the city of birth have long been recorded in the artist’s canvases and installations and will now make their first appearance where they were experienced. The exhibition celebrates Mäkilä’s 50-year career as an internationally renowned artist. The exhibition is curated by museum curator Taina Myllyharju and exhibition architect Päivi Kettunen.

Jarmo Mäkilä: School Gang (oil on canvas, 2010)
Photo: Jouko Vatanen

Heidi Piiroinen: Vapaat huoneet / Available rooms (working title) 12.10.2024–16.2.2025

Solo exhibition by the prize-winning photojournalist and visual artist Heidi Piiroinen is a combination of experimental film, photography, poetry and sound art with the working title “Vapaita huoneita / Available Rooms”. In the exhibition, Piiroinen considers why publicly expressed hatred of women is still considered shameful, and what kind of boundaries, attitudes and structures lies beneath the subject. The partners of the exhibition are Marian Akatemia and MLL Turvaverkko expert organizations and PALO Art Productions. The exhibition is curated by the chief curator Heta Kaisto.

Heidi Piiroinen: Still image (from an analog video, 2023)
Photo: Heidi Piiroinen

The permanent exhibition of art in Rauma will open in November 2024

At the end of the year 2024, a permanent exhibition of art museum’s collections will open at the entire upper floor of Pinnala. The curators of the Rauma Art Museum have been working on the permanent exhibition of Rauma art for several years. The exhibition showcases the gems museum’s collections, such as Eino Valtonen’s collection, but also changing ensembles from Rauma’s residents and artists connected to Rauma from different decades. Pinnala’s special history as a home for artists, as well as the active tradition of art and artist associations in Rauma will be part of the exhibition.

Sinikka Palonen: The evening darkens (oil on canvas, 1978)
Rauma city collection