Permanent exhibition: The Eino Valtonen Collection

By a Mighty River

October 12, 2019 – January 6, 2020


Photo: Marko Lampisuo, National Landscape, 2019, 5-channel video (extract).


In its annual exhibition, the Pori Artists’ Association offers a selection of current contemporary art from Satakunta region, introducing a wide range of techniques from oil on canvas painting to interactive media art. The 17 artists and artist groups include both established professionals as well as young emerging talents. Most of the exhibited works have been completed during the past two or three years, and some of them will be realised on-site exclusively.

The exhibition is a result of an open call, and the participating artists were selected on the basis of their portfolios. Thus, the exhibition does not have a specific theme, but the works touch on the whole spectrum of human life, from intimate and individual to eternal and universal. The selection includes studies of identity and observations of nature as well as interpretations of the disorder of the world and future threats. As a counterpoint to such topics, the works of art also suggest ways to handle risks and solve problems.

The diversity of the artworks can also be seen as a manifestation of the cultural richness of  Kokemäenjoki River area. With this exhibition in the heart of idyllic Old Rauma the Pori Artists’ Association offers an outlook to the spirit of today’s Satakunta region. After decades of stagnation Kokemäenjoki River is turning into a vast resource, a stream of creativity. As the people in Pori say in their concise but polite way, with a bit of pride in their voice: “There – have it!”

The artists of the exhibition are:

Tapio Haapala, Anni Hurmila, Anne Kimiläinen, Ari Koivisto, Kari Kärkiluoma, Marko Lampisuo, Jonna Lepistö, Maria Leppänen, Timo Lintula, Sanna Pajunen, Samu Raatikainen, Päivi Setälä, Veijo Setälä, {TES}, Hanna Tammi, Pasi Vainionpää and Mikko Ängeslevä.

The exhibition is curated by Marketta Haila, a freelance curator and former director of the Pori Art Museum (from 1979 to 1998).