Permanent exhibition: The Eino Valtonen Collection


Loimola Lake, Suistamo. Photo: Hanna Koikkalainen..

The Closed-down Village

January 25 – August 9, 2020

Hanna Koikkalainen, photographs
Anne-Mari Kivimäki, music

The visitors of Rauma Art Museum have a chance to examine the history and present-day situation of the rural municipality of Suistamo in Russian Karelia with the photographs of Hanna Koikkalainen (born in 1980, Imatra) and the music of Anne-Mari Kivimäki (born in 1976).

The Closed-down Village is a musical photographic exhibition that deals with the thematics of leaving and abandoning a place with the help of photographs, texts, object installations and music. The exhibition combines old and new photographs from Suistamo, memories from the evacuees, extracts from archives and natural elements gathered from Suistamo. The waters of the home lake become sacred and the birch forests of Karelia are rooted into new soil.

Audio recordings by the Suistamo-based accordion player and storyteller Ilja Kotikallio are the starting point of the exhibition. Inspired by Kotikallio, the team has made excursions across the border to Suistamo, rummaged through archives and met former residents of Suistamo. The multidisciplinary collaboration of the Suistamo laboratory of tradition has resulted in a meandering visual and musical entity that explores evacuation from Karelia, wartime, leaving one’s home and the current situation of a small Russian village in a poetic manner.

Part of the exhibition at Rauma Art Museum will be the new work of Hanna Koikkalainen on the evacuation history of the residents of Rauma. This will include material for example from the villages of Koivisto and Räisälä. Migration and leaving one’s home is and will always be a topical issue. Perhaps we can see the current migrants in a different light, if we remember our own history?


hanneriina moisseinen
Photo: Hanneriina Moisseinen, still frame from the animation Syntymäpäivä / Birthday, 2014.

Kannas (The Isthmus)

January 25 – August 9, 2020

Hanneriina Moisseinen, graphic novel

Hanneriina Moisseinen (born in 1978, Joensuu), a graphic novel artist who participated in the Suistamo laboratory of tradition, will showcase a graphic novel installation that is made up of the originals of the graphic novel Kannas (2016), which takes place during the summer of 1944 and the Continuation War. Kannas depicts a divergent period of time from divergent perspectives. Instead of the typical themes of graphic war novels, the imagery of popular culture and the themes of official historiography, i.e. fighting, heroism, manly persistence and suffering, Moisseinen focuses on the mutual caring between people and animals and survival during the war. Musician and composer Eero Grundström (born in 1976, Rauma) has created a soundtrack for the exhibition, which can be listened to in the exhibition space as part of the artwork. Hanneriina Moisseinen is a graphic novel artist with a background in visual arts, and she has been awarded the state prize for graphic novel art in 2016.


Photo: Sanna Saarinen, Shared history, 2020


June 11 – August 9, 2020, storeroom & cattle shed

Jubilee exhibition for Sanna Saarinen, 25 years as an artist

Sanna Saarinen from Eura (born in 1968) is a locally very well known scrap artist, who has been part of the art scene in Rauma and Satakunta region since the 1990s. In addition to actively preparing exhibitions, she has made several public artworks for Eura and the nearby areas. Craftsmanship has played a central role in the works of this artist with a degree in textile industry. Her artwork started having sculpture-like characteristics already in the early stage. Scrap metal came into the picture later on, and the idea of combining it with soft textile materials started to appeal to the artist. The contrast of the materials attracted her.
Sanna Saarinen is celebrating her artist career of 25 years with a summer exhibition in the courtyard buildings of the art museum. The exhibition, which goes by the name FACE TO FACE / SIDE BY SIDE, consists of new works of art, with which she addresses confronting difference and finding similarities.

The courtyard exhibitions have free entrance.

Photo: Ilona Tala, Be Aware, 2018


June 11 – August 9, 2020, courtyard of the art museum

Ilona Tala

Colourful animal sculptures made by Ilona Tala (from Huittinen, born in 1995) are showcased on the grass field of the courtyard. These webbed animal characters that are represented almost in their natural size remind the viewers of perishableness. Through animal themes the artist aspires to represent our relationship with nature and different feelings. Nature and animals are important themes for this young artist, who comes from the countryside. Sculpture and painting are emphasized in Tala’s artistic work. Her paintings will be showcased at the summer cafe called Kaffebar Pop-Up Ilona at the bakehouse of the art museum from July 1 onwards.

The courtyard exhibitions have free entrance.


Marko Mertalan hiekkakiviveistos Naisfiguuri 3
Photo: Marko Mertala, Naisfiguuri, 2013

Showcase -exhibition

June 25 – September 27, 2020

Marko Mertala

Marko Mertala is a local artist from Satakunta. His exhibition is the first of 50 year´s celebration exhibition series and can be seen for free at the museum shop 25.6.-27.9.2020. Mertala´s work consists of stone figures made from stone, local red sandstone and black granite.