Permanent exhibition: The Eino Valtonen Collection

Photo: Kosti Koskinen, Varhainen aamu (Early morning), 1969

Kosti Koskinen – The Diary of a Man in the Street

The visual artist Kosti Koskinen, who is well known and dear to the residents of Rauma, was the first modernist of his hometown. He devoted his entire life to art, dreaming of world’s metropolises, but lived almost his entire life in Rauma. A multidisciplinary talent, who studied both visual arts and music, and also wrote fiction. Nevertheless, he published only one work in his lifetime, the horror anthology The Strange Honeymoon (WSOY, 1930).

Koskinen spent his last years in the municipal home of the city of Rauma. He took with him there thirteen boxes of papers, a few paintings and some clothes. This archive ended up to the Artist’ Association of Rauma, and is now stored in the Rauma Art Museum.

The exhibition is based on Kosti Koskinen’s artistic work, visual art and writings, as well as his personal archive. It presents the man behind his work, with all of the joys and sorrows, as well as a multi-skilled, immensely prolific and tireless artist, who never gave up. The young artists Taavi Heikkilä, Ilona Niemi, Aleksi Systä and Jenni Yppärilä, who were invited to the exhibition, are in dialogue with Koskinen’s work. The text found in the archives, Kadunmiehen Päiväkirja, is interpreted by artists, art influencers and actors from Rauma. The title of the exhibition is a quote from the title of this work.

In connection with the exhibition the second edition of The Strange Honeymoon short story collection will also be published. Responsible for this is the publishing house Helmivyö, that introduces forgotten classics of Finnish literature to the public. The preface to the book is written by the non-fiction writer Juri Nummelin.

The exhibition is the 50th anniversary exhibition of the Rauma Art Museum and the Ars Rauma exhibition of The Artist’ Association of Rauma. Its curators are Heta Kaisto and Henna Paunu.