Picture: Petri Eskelinen

Petri Eskelinen: Replication crisis

15.10.2022 – 15.1.2023

In his art, sculptor Petri Eskelinen (b. 1975, Rovaniemi) explores the world like a natural scientist or an inventor. His moving sculptures often include a living element, such as plants or an exhibition visitor as a user of the works. Eskelinen’s works often explore nonverbal interaction, and have been described as empathy machines. In them, you can learn how to hug or live with other beings, for example by following the choices made by plants as they strive towards the light and compete for living space with each other in a labyrinth.

In the artist’s solo exhibition Replication crisis, the selected art works demonstrate Petri Eskelinen’s masterful craftsmanship and working method based on various experiments. The name of the exhibition refers to a (crisis) situation where an experiment cannot be repeated exactly the same way twice in a row, in accordance with the ways of reliable scientific knowledge. Alongside the well-known mechanical sculptures, there are video works and drawings by Eskelinen. The dense miniature worlds only become clear to the viewer when examined closely – just like the entire living world seen through the eyes of this curious artist.


Tommi-Wihtori Roström: Wanderings

15.10.2022 – 15.1.2023

The private exhibition Wanderings brings together the works of Tommi-Wihtori Roström, who turned 50 this year, from different stages of his career. The earliest works in the exhibition deal with the artist’s interest in architecture and old machines, but the focus is nevertheless on Roström’s sketch-like landscape pictures, whose calm horizon creates a silent connection with people.


Halo Kaisto – On Otherness

15.10. – 6.11.2022

The multi-media installation ”Halo Kaisto – On Otherness” by artist duo Juuso Joutsi and Otto Leivo makes visible those who have withdrawn to the side. During the exhibition, the installation is supplemented with performances and their recordings, as well as other possible artist interventions, which the public can also participate in.

Performance schedule:

Friday 14.10.
exhibition opening, Pinnala yard
Getting wet: Halo Kaisto bathes and opens his room

Saturday 15.10. at 14:00, Hauenguano Square
Trekooli: Halo Kaisto nurtures, nourishes and grows

Sunday 16.10. at 14:00, departure from Pinnala yard
Picnic: Let’s look at the environment with Halo Kaisto. Bring your own snacks!

Friday 4.11. at 16:30 – 18:30, Verstas
15 minutes alone: ​​Pre-booked private meetings with Halo 6X15min. You can make an appointment at the museum’s ticket office!

Sunday 6.11. at 15:00, Verstas
Halo’s room: Halo Kaisto cleans his room (demolition)